An Easy Pet

I decided to buy a fish a couple of days ago. What I originally had in mind was to get a couple of pretty goldfish in a pretty bowl with some pretty decorations, to keep in my room. However, at the pet shop I got told that goldfish are harder to look after than other fish.

Thats when I got shown the option of a fighter fish, also known as a betta. A much easier option. No filter in the tank is needed (unlike with goldfish), the bowl only needs to be cleaned once every 2-3 weeks and all they need for food is three little pellets a day. That’s it. Except you can’t get two fish in the same tank or (like the name suggests) they will end up fighting and potentially killing one another.

So I ended up buying a purply-blue fighter fish, named Freddie, after Freddie Mercury. He now resides in a pretty round bowl on my bedside table.

Fighter fish come in many different colours

Fish make good decoration for the room

So if you want a pet that doesn’t require much effort and is aesthetically pleasing, a fighter fish should do it.

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Au revoir Paris, je t’aime!

So, after two months here in Paris I am leaving tomorrow. I’m sad and I’m happy. These past two months have been very memorable, meeting new people and catching up with old friends. I have been to Paris many times before, and now it has become a city that is very familiar to me. I like that feeling, a foreign city that you know so well it almost feels like home. Of course, many many photos were taken of Paris, but here are some of my favourites that I think sums up Paris well.





So Paris, it has been a pleasure as always. Until next time!

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Paris, City of Love

On a lot of bridges throughout Paris, many love padlocks can be found. Lovers fasten the lock in place and throw the key into the Seine, which symbolises their love. One of the most common locations to do this is on the Pont de L’Archeveche (pictured)

Looks like there is a whole lot of love in Paris.

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Two pairs of the cutest shoes have now been added to my collection. Perfect for summer!

Flats by Melissa/ Vivienne Westwood

Heels by Melissa/Vivienne Westwood.  Purple is my favourite colour too 🙂

I want to go back and by some ankle boots from the same brand. They’d make perfect mini gumboots!

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Every girl on her own

And the January sales start tomorrow.

Do you be polite and courteous to your fellow shoppers?

“Oh no, it’s fine, you got to those Gucci shoes first”

Or do you go all out and fight to the death over those  40% off Gucci shoes that just happen to be in your size?

“Out of the way bitch, that’s my size and they’re mine!”

Sharpen your claws, ladies.

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Brittany- somewhere by the sea

I stayed for 3 days in a tiny little town called Billiers, about 25km from Vannes. Vannes is three hours by TGV from Paris. Billiers was very beautiful and unspoiled.

Winter and raining, but still beautiful

If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise…

White house on the hill

Low tide… sailing anybody?

Waiting for summer to come…

Beautiful hotel overlooking the sea

Make a wish!

Definitely a summer town

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French Food

Where to begin when it comes to food in France?

Baguette                             Cheese                      Wine                     Duck                       Macaroons                           Pastries

Snails                         French Fries                  Champagne                              Meringues          Croissants


I ❤ macaroons

Snowman cake for Christmas!

Apple tart is a favourite dessert of mine

Vanilla Soufflé- you pour melted chocolate on top and it is absorbed and soaked up

Confit de canard (duck) with fried potatoes and salad- all time favourite French meal

Snails- they are delicious, really


Bon appétit!

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Snowy Paris

Snow in Europe has caused chaos and disruption, and has been publicised all over the world. Even more annoying and frustrating was that it was the week before Christmas, one of the busiest travel times of year. Airports closing and flights cancelled, even trains were cancelled and delayed.

It really has been snowing quite a bit here in Paris. In December for a week or two it snowed almost every day.

Tuileries Gardens, after it had been snowing. All the gardens and parks are closed when it becomes too slippery.

The airports in Paris such as Charles De Gaulle and Orly were closed several times. In Paris, everyone went “oh why is that, there isn’t much snow here.” Well because the airports are located outside of Paris, there is a lot more snow there. Apparently some planes were frozen to the ground! A few days after Christmas I went with my family out into the country side to our friends place. And oh my, how different things were! There was so much snow!

Snow is extremely picturesque but in reality, after it has been snowing for several days straight, the novelty definitely wears off as everything becomes wet and sloshy and the ground becomes icy and slippery. Which results in poor clumsy people like myself slipping over a lot all the time.

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On top of the world

I took these photos about three years ago when we stopped over in Abu Dhabi for a few days after having been in Paris.

We went dune bashing in the desert. The photo above shows the sheer size of the sand dunes. They are so steep, and are patterned by the wind.

The photo below shows someone trying to get to the top of a sand dune (trust me, it was hard, as it was steep and the sand is so soft your feet sink in.

Sitting on top of the sand dunes and watching the sun set in the middle of the desert was an experience I still haven’t forgotten, three years later.

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that time of year

It’s coming to that time of year again.

First come the sniffles, then the sore throats, the coughs.

Suddenly, everyone is calling in sick to work and school. Not just one person, A LOT of people at once.

Ahhh, good old winter time. Well, its still autumn right now, but it’s almost winter and the season of sickness is fast approaching.

I for one, have jumped the queue and got in early. I started off sneezing. Then had a sore throat yesterday. Now today, my head hurts and God knows how I am going to play hockey tonight (maybe I’ll just volunteer myself for goalie, then I won’t have to run).

My brother has ‘severe bronchitis’ which could turn into pneumonia. He’s coughing like a person who’s smoked for 20 years.

So what can one do to NOT get sick?

  • Don’t hang around sick people (duh)
  • If the above is simply unavoidable, it is useful to carry a small bottle of hand disinfectant, which you can use to keep those nasty mean germs away
  • Take a vitamin C pill each day. It can lower your chances of getting a cold
  • Get plenty of sleep (else your immune system will be down)
  • Wear a face mask. If you really are desperate not to get sick.

Welcome to the flu/cold season, people. I hope your experience will be a pleasant one.

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