An Easy Pet

I decided to buy a fish a couple of days ago. What I originally had in mind was to get a couple of pretty goldfish in a pretty bowl with some pretty decorations, to keep in my room. However, at the pet shop I got told that goldfish are harder to look after than other fish.

Thats when I got shown the option of a fighter fish, also known as a betta. A much easier option. No filter in the tank is needed (unlike with goldfish), the bowl only needs to be cleaned once every 2-3 weeks and all they need for food is three little pellets a day. That’s it. Except you can’t get two fish in the same tank or (like the name suggests) they will end up fighting and potentially killing one another.

So I ended up buying a purply-blue fighter fish, named Freddie, after Freddie Mercury. He now resides in a pretty round bowl on my bedside table.

Fighter fish come in many different colours

Fish make good decoration for the room

So if you want a pet that doesn’t require much effort and is aesthetically pleasing, a fighter fish should do it.

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