that time of year

It’s coming to that time of year again.

First come the sniffles, then the sore throats, the coughs.

Suddenly, everyone is calling in sick to work and school. Not just one person, A LOT of people at once.

Ahhh, good old winter time. Well, its still autumn right now, but it’s almost winter and the season of sickness is fast approaching.

I for one, have jumped the queue and got in early. I started off sneezing. Then had a sore throat yesterday. Now today, my head hurts and God knows how I am going to play hockey tonight (maybe I’ll just volunteer myself for goalie, then I won’t have to run).

My brother has ‘severe bronchitis’ which could turn into pneumonia. He’s coughing like a person who’s smoked for 20 years.

So what can one do to NOT get sick?

  • Don’t hang around sick people (duh)
  • If the above is simply unavoidable, it is useful to carry a small bottle of hand disinfectant, which you can use to keep those nasty mean germs away
  • Take a vitamin C pill each day. It can lower your chances of getting a cold
  • Get plenty of sleep (else your immune system will be down)
  • Wear a face mask. If you really are desperate not to get sick.

Welcome to the flu/cold season, people. I hope your experience will be a pleasant one.

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