I love a lot of things

I love my dog.

I love my new macbook (just got that yesterday)

I love my boyfriend.

I love my family.

I love eating.

I love Paris.

Ok, that is a lot of love. They’re different types of love. I love my dog like he’s my child- he’s relies on me and he needs me.

I love my new macbook pro 13 inch because well…. its awesome. That, and it’s something I’ve wanted for a long time. Maybe the whole thing of it being new adds to the whole excitement.

I love my boyfriend. This love is the great feeling of ‘being in love’. It’s deep, its  like theres a connection between the two of us and we understand each other completely (even though we do get shitty at each other).

I love my family. Well duh. Even though we annoy each other to hell, the love is still there. Its an unconditional love. My mummy loves me, even though I was a verrryyy difficult kid.

I love eating food. I guess you could say this is more enjoyment. My favourite foods would be crisps, cupcakes, meat, mashed potato, and junk food in general.

I love Paris. I lived there last year for about 6 months. At first, I didn’t like it because i was homesick. But I grew to love it. Everything about it just grew on me.

Isn’t it funny how love can manifest itself in different ways? It can pop in anyplace, any time in your life.

Some love stays forever, some disappears, some you can’t let go of, no matter how hard you try.

Here are some images of what love means to me 🙂

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